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Week 119 Voting

Thank you very much for your participation in this 119th week of challenges. Where’d everyone go?? As always. please feel free to advertise the community on your LJ's--we'd appreciate it.

Voting ends Monday (12/17) at @ 7pm EST.

Comment below with the respective number of your favorite THREE icons in both regular and theme challenges.

Less or more votes will be discounted. The order doesn't matter--places are awarded by total vote count.

Regular Challenge - 2, 6, 1
Theme Challenge - 4, 5, 3

All comments will be screened. And please remember not to vote for your own entry and please, don't ask your friends to come vote for you either. As always, let's keep this fair.

Good luck everyone. :)

Regular Challenge: Vote for THREE

01. VigOrli_Stills Entry 02. VigOrli_Stills Entry 03. VigOrli_Stills Entry

04. VigOrli_Stills Entry 05. VigOrli_Stills Entry 06. VigOrli_Stills Entry

07. VigOrli_Stills Entry 08. VigOrli_Stills Entry 9. VigOrli_Stills Entry

10. VigOrli_Stills Entry

Theme Challenge: Vote for THREE

01. VigOrli_Stills Theme Entry 02. VigOrli_Stills Theme Entry 03. VigOrli_Stills Theme Entry

04. VigOrli_Stills Theme Entry 05. VigOrli_Stills Theme Entry 06. VigOrli_Stills Theme Entry

07. VigOrli_Stills Theme Entry 08. VigOrli_Stills Theme Entry 09. VigOrli_Stills Theme Entry
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