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VigOrli_Stillness Icon Challenge

True love never dies

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This is a weekly non-animated icon contest community for Viggo Mortensen and Orlando Bloom.

There shall be 3 winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd places, unless otherwise stated) after voting, including a moderator's choice award, which will be chosen by alternate moderators.

Admnistrator/Moderators: araestel, jenlynn820, and hammil77

Banner Makers: mesnica, love_angel7, paulabm, vampirebitch, galor5, letoist, and alternates jenlynn820 and araestel.

Here is the banner makers schedule:click


1. Animation is NOT allowed. You may use brushes, text, lighting textures, etc to create your icon(s). Use only the image(s) provided, blending is also NOT allowed unless otherwise noted.
2. Your icon(s) must remain anonymous. Do not post it anywhere else before the winners are posted.
3. Please, do not vote for yourself nor ask your friends to do so. Let's keep this a fair contest.
4. Your entry(ies) must be in GIF, JPG, and PNG format. 40kb and 100x100 MAX.
5. You may submit only one entry per challenge unless otherwise noted.
6. Do NOT take any icon without the permission of the maker. If you wish to grab one, just leave a comment and I'll address it to the artist.

Your submission:

- simply be posted on a screened comment to the challenges post. Be sure that you display both image and its url. Like this:

Regular Challenge


- Submission deadline is on Sunday @ 7pm EST.
- The polls will be up by Sunday midnight.
- New challenges will be posted on Sunday.
- Voting ends on Tuesday @ 7pm EST and the winners will be posted within 24 hours.
- Banners will follow

If you have an iContest Community and would like to promote it, icontest_promo is the place for it!


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If you want to be affiliates, just leave a comment on the most recent post and we'll add you back. :) Any question you may have, comments are fine as well.

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